Ride Info

The Frederick Pedalers have a well-deserved reputation as a ‘friendly’ club. Most rides are at least somewhat social, and it is club policy to not drop a rider. Be conservative in choosing your first few club rides, especially if this is your first bike club experience. Please contact clubmail@frederickpedalers.org if you would like additional information about group riding or ride classes.

The ride categories take into account both the average speed of the ride and the hilliness of the terrain. The majority of Frederick Pedaler rides are over moderate terrain. Rides that go west over the Catoctins would be considered hilly and the description will indicate that. Rides on the C&O towpath would be considered flat.

D – Casual
Flat Terrain: 10–12 mph    Moderate Terrain: 8–10 mph      Hilly Terrain: 6–8 mph
C – Easy Touring
Flat Terrain: 12–14 mph    Moderate Terrain: 10–12 mph    Hilly Terrain: 8–10 mph
CC – Touring
Flat Terrain: 14–16 mph    Moderate Terrain: 12–14 mph    Hilly Terrain: 10–12 mph
B – Moderate
Flat Terrain: 16–18 mph    Moderate Terrain: 14–16 mph    Hilly Terrain: 12–14 mph
BB – Spirited
Flat Terrain: 18–20 mph    Moderate Terrain: 16–18 mph    Hilly Terrain: 14–16 mph
A – Training
Flat Terrain: 20+ mph        Moderate Terrain: 18–20 mph    Hilly Terrain: 16–18 mph

Impromptu: When a ride is designated as ‘Impromptu’, this means that there will be no formal ride leader. Riders should bring maps and perhaps old cue sheets appropriate to the ride description. At the ride start, riders discuss routes prior to the ride and then start out.

Ride Start Locations

Most rides start at a park, a school, or a park & ride lot. This list gives maps and links to Google Maps for you to get directions, or click on the Ride start location entry under categories in the sidebar to the right.

Ride Announcement Template

If you would like to lead a ride, download this Template for Posting Rides, fill it in, and send to clubmail@frederickpedalers.org.

Sheet for Ride Leaders

Ride leaders should download the ClubRides_signin_sheet before rides.  Each year the three ride leaders who turn in the most sign-in sheets win a prize at the yearly club meeting in March.