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Cue sheets for rides from 40 to 60 miles.

Axe Murder Ride

Starts at Myersville Park and Ride.  This ride visits the important sites associated with an axe murder from the early twentieth century. To get the full effect you need to ride it with with Doug Stull, our amateur historian. Doug frequently leads the ride around Halloween. The ride is 44 miles long with options of 37 and 22 miles.  Submitted by Doug Stull.   cue_sheet

October 31, 2015 (Sat) 9:00 AM CC pace (12-14 MPH)  44 miles Myersville Park and Ride

Back by popular demand, the Axe Murder Ride will pass through the communities of Myersville, Pleasant Walk, Smithsburg, Cavetown, Funkstown, Smoketown and others. This scenic ride will be hilly. No one will be dropped, and I would like to regroup at key places on the route that are mentioned in the newspaper article.

I will post the article on the Frederick Pedalers Yahoo Group as a reading assignment before the ride. The headlines are “THE SHOCKING DEED OF AN INSANE MAN” and below that is “THE ENTIRE BODY REDUCED TO SMALL BITS.” Read the article and think about the transportation, communication and crime scene investigation techniques of today versus 1908. These changes are the real theme of the ride, not the crime that occurred in that one room cabin.

There is a bail-out point at about 10 miles into the ride for anyone who doesn’t want to ride into Washington County. The cue sheet also has a 36 mile option and the bail-out option would be about 21.5 miles.

Spring Century

When: Friday, April 24 2015 at 08:00 AM

Where: Orchard Grove Shopping Center (Food Lion, Wendy’s) – Thurmont MD

Length: 100 miles with options of 76, 65 and 51 miles

Leader: Bill Smith, <>

Ride Description: This year’s ride goes west over the mountain, first circling Hagerstown, then to Leitersburg and Gettysburg. From there we’ll catch our collective breaths and take the short way down Kelbaugh Rd to Thurmont. There will be a sit-down restaurant lunch around 50 miles into the ride. We will endeavor to keep together as a group in a social pace of about 14 mph. If you wish to ride faster or slower, you are still welcome. Options of 51, 65 and 76 miles will be available (that avoid the lunch stop). This ride will be fairly hilly – bring your low gears and food to munch between rest stops.



Recovery Ride

Starts at Woodsboro Park; distance is 43 miles. Submitted by Glenn Angus. cue sheet

You don’t have to be in recovery to enjoy this relatively easy 43 mile, mid-county spin, but it couldn’t hurt. The ride starts from Woodsboro Community Park. There are not many stores along the wasy, so pack some food.

Woodpecker Ride

Ride starts at Monocacy Middle School; distance is 51 miles.  A 51 mile ride that starts in Frederick at Monocacy Middle School and heads northeast in search for red-headed woodpeckers. It is an enjoyable ride even if you do not see woodpeckers.  Submitted by Harry deMoll  cue sheet