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Libertytown Park

Take Route 26 to Libertytown. If you are coming from Frederick the park will be on the right just after you pass through Libertytown.  This link will get to Libertytown but Google does not seem to know that there is a park.



Woodsboro Park

Located off Route 194 in Woodsboro, this is a good starting point for rides going north and east.  This link will take you to a Google map like below. Insert your location and it will give you driving directions.

Woodsboro Park Map

Utica Park

This park has become a favorite starting point for club rides since it opened. The Wednesday rides leave from here. This link will take you to a Google map like below. Insert your location and it will give you driving directions.  Stay to the right as you go to the back of the park. Park in the lot near the shelter.

Utica Park Map

Silo Hill Parkway

In Emmitsburg near the intersection of Routes 140 and 15. You can get driving directions from Google. This link will take you to a Google map like below. Insert your location and it will give you driving directions. Park along the street before you reach the hotel.

Silo Hill Parkway Map

Retro Ride on May 3, 2014

Start: Utica Park at 10:00 AM on May 3, 2014

Three Covered Bridges, Retro Ride 35-40 miles; no drop, friendly pace. All riders are welcomed, but the old steel frames, wool jersey, toe-clips, and down tube shifters are encouraged. That old friend is in the basement somewhere, dust it off and bring it out. Call Ken Farran, 301-639-2470 for further information.

Bring a Cue sheet.

Utica B Rides: How They Are Doing So Far

In the past, the Wednesday evening Utica rides have been run at a D, C, and CC pace.  But on the CC rides, some participants were impatient and raced ahead – finishing the ride at a B- or sometimes an A-pace.  Toward the end of the season it was common to see average speeds well in excess of 20 mph and many of those faster riders have now become regulars in the criteriums and road races around the mid-Atlantic.

There was a dissention in the ranks – some were angry about the “pace-creep”, while others felt they were being held back and should be allowed to stretch their legs.  So to accommodate everyone, on April 9th, the Frederick Pedalers added the inaugural B-paced ride to the standard Wednesday program.

Six riders joined us, and we agreed to stick to the advertised maximum of 16 mph for a B-ride – unless everyone wanted to push the pace, in which case we’d simply go at whatever speed was dictated by the group as a whole.

After 20.3 miles around the rolling terrain south and east of Thurmont at a rate of around 18 mph (actually a borderline BB or A pace) the six of us rolled into Utica – exhausted but exhilarated.

Winter is being dragged kicking and screaming out of Frederick County and on a chilly, windy April 16th the attendance at Utica was reduced to just a few hardy souls – so instead of the advertised 4 groups, we consolidated into 2.  The CC-group had 8 riders, but after 4 miles 3 of us split off into what would become the B-ride.  We followed a similar route to the previous week, finishing 22.5 miles at 18 mph with Brian McEntire successfully “chasing segments” and logging his successes on Strava.

Going forward, the B-paced rides will only exceed 16 mph if the whole group agrees to go faster.  So if you feel comfortable riding at a an easy average of 16 mph, please join the B-group.  It’s a lot of fun.