Adopt-A-Road REMINDER and TIME CHANGE to 10:00 AM

Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Leader:  Pat Gunnin, Vice-President Frederick Pedalers,

Several years ago the Frederick Pedalers adopted Bethel Road between Mountaindale Road and O’Possumtown Pike.  Two or three times a year members of the Frederick Pedalers gather at the church parking lot at Bethel Road and O’Possumtown Pike and walk to Mountaindale Road while picking up trash.  Trash bags and bright vests are provided to those who come out.  The bags are left at a spot where the county comes and picks them up.  Pat Gunnin is looking for lots of help!

Loose Pooch Report

While riding home on October 31 on Layman’s Rd, Dottie Rust was chased by a small dog. The owner stood in her yard, watching, then tried running to get her dog. The dog was very aggressive towards her & attempted to bite her as she was trying to stop and dismount (so that she would not fall off). The owner ran back to her house to get her car & to get her dog.  Lucky Dottie was wearing thick socks and the dog did not bite thru.
Dottie called this in (actually emailed) to FC Animal Control and got an email on November 1 that said Officer Brian Wolford did visit the home, talked with the owner, and gave her info about loose dogs.

The address is 12929 Layman’s Rd.

Ghost Bike Ceremony Ride for John and Lynne

Ghost Bike Ceremony Ride
Sunday, November 22, 2015

11 AM

Beach Elementary School


A 12 mile (round trip) Memorial Ride to place the ghost bike for John Fauerby and Lynne Rosenbusch will begin at Beach Elementary School in Chesapeake Beach at 11 AM on Sunday Nov. 22. Riders should be at the school and ready to roll at 11 AM. Those who prefer a longer ride may opt to start earlier from other locations such as Southern High School or Chesapeake Market and allow time to arrive at Beach ES in time to join the Memorial Ride start at 11 AM. The Ghost Bike installation will take place on Tobacco Road at approximately 11:45 AM. After a brief ceremony, the Memorial Ride will return to Beach ES. Thank you to Larry Black of Mt. Airy Bicycles for donating and preparing the ghost bike.


Beach Elementary School address:7900 Old Bayside Rd, Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732 Please RSVP by Friday, 11/20 if you are attending. We are hopeful this event will be a police supported ride and we will need to provide an attendance estimate in advance.

Monocacy Middle School Sunday Ride

When: Sundays at 11:30am
Where: Monocacy Middle School, Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD (map)
Length: C Level, 25 miles+/-
Ride Leader: Terry Eskuchen.
Ride Description: This is a “no cue sheet ride”. We wander around this side of route 15 (no crossing), picking a slightly different route each week. No go if rain or snow or icy roads. Check FrederickPedale​rs@yahoogroups.​com on Sunday morning for any changes or cancellations.

Axe Murder Ride

Starts at Myersville Park and Ride.  This ride visits the important sites associated with an axe murder from the early twentieth century. To get the full effect you need to ride it with with Doug Stull, our amateur historian. Doug frequently leads the ride around Halloween. The ride is 44 miles long with options of 37 and 22 miles.  Submitted by Doug Stull.   cue_sheet

October 31, 2015 (Sat) 9:00 AM CC pace (12-14 MPH)  44 miles Myersville Park and Ride

Back by popular demand, the Axe Murder Ride will pass through the communities of Myersville, Pleasant Walk, Smithsburg, Cavetown, Funkstown, Smoketown and others. This scenic ride will be hilly. No one will be dropped, and I would like to regroup at key places on the route that are mentioned in the newspaper article.

I will post the article on the Frederick Pedalers Yahoo Group as a reading assignment before the ride. The headlines are “THE SHOCKING DEED OF AN INSANE MAN” and below that is “THE ENTIRE BODY REDUCED TO SMALL BITS.” Read the article and think about the transportation, communication and crime scene investigation techniques of today versus 1908. These changes are the real theme of the ride, not the crime that occurred in that one room cabin.

There is a bail-out point at about 10 miles into the ride for anyone who doesn’t want to ride into Washington County. The cue sheet also has a 36 mile option and the bail-out option would be about 21.5 miles.

Slow and Easy Utica Thursday Rides

When: Thursdays September 24 – October 29, 2015

Where:Starting October 8 it has changed to Glade Elementary School

Length: TBD

Leader: Tom Moore

Ride Description:  The Slow and Easy Utica Ride has moved from Wednesday to Thursday from September 24 thru October 29.  On September 24 and October 1, the ride starts at 6:00 PM.  On October 8, the ride starts at 5:30 PM.  The ride will either remain at 5:30 PM during October or it may start earlier as the sunset gets earlier.  (Check with ride leader for start time.)  These are social rides, paced for the riders who attend, so the rides may be faster than D pace.

Fall Century

Frederick Pedalers Century: Saturday, October 10 @ 0730 @ Utica District Park.  About the flattest century you can do around here.  Cue sheets and GPX files are on the web site.  100 miles; shortcuts of 85 and 64 miles; lots of stores – at 18, 42, 48, 56, 68 and 82 miles.  Total climbing 3400 feet. We visit Emmitsburg, Bonneauville, McSherrystown, Littlestown, Taneytown.

2015 Fall Century Cue Sheet

Metric Century: Saturday October 10 @ 9:00 am @ Emmitsburg McDonald’s; 64.6 miles; shortcuts of 49 and 27 miles.  Entire metric route is contained within the full century, so you can ride with friends who are doing the full century.  Stores at 24, 30, 38 and 51.  Total climbing 2130 feet. We visit Bonneauville, McSherrystown, Littlestown, Taneytown.

2015 Metric Century Cue Sheet



Lights and Pizza Ride

When:  Wednesdays, October 7 thru March 30, 2015 (except November 25, 2015)  at 6:15pm

Where:  Crestwood Plaza

Length:  20-30 mile at True CC pace (12-14 mph on moderate terrain)

Leader:  Doug Stull or Bill Smith

Description:  Meet at Starvin Marvin’s Pizza.  Lights (a front headlight and a rear taillight) are required on this friendly, social ride.  We try to keep the distance to approximately 25 miles. Remember that the temperatures will be dropping throughout the ride, so dress appropriately. Post-ride pizza experience on most evenings.  The colder it is, the more hills we are likely to climb (for warmth).  NO ONE WILL BE DROPPED